About me

ChristopherHi, my name is Chris, and I am so excited to be sharing my passion for Desert Punk with you. I will say from the start that I have quite a few diverse passions that I will be sharing with you today; let’s get started down the list! I am a huge fan of anime; I love the stories, the adventures, the non-mainstream journeys that anime stories can take you on. One thing you will quickly learn about my passions is that I love things that are outside of the mainstream; I don’t like to simply follow what everyone else likes.

I really enjoy steampunk literature; the crazy adventures of characters in worlds that are so unlike our own appeal to me a lot. I can get lost for hours in the adventures of characters that I am invested in. Books such as the Edge Chronicles and anime/steampunk shows such as Desert Punk are some of my favorite pastimes. This sort of entertainment is not enjoyed enough by people, and one of the reasons that I am running this site is to help raise awareness for the type of entertainment that I enjoy; I love Desert Punk, but there are other things I want to share as well! I want other people to enjoy these shows and books as much as I do!

I lastly enjoy DIY projects and survivalism; I am obsessed with surviving the apocalypse. Desert Punk can teach you a lot about how civilization might collapse! I want to teach other people how to gain the skills that they need to survive the collapse of civilization; one of the best ways to learn how is to become well-versed in reading and knowing about the eventual end of the world. You will get a peace of mind that cannot be matched any other way; I can’t wait to share with you the information that I’ve gotten over the years and help you change your life!