Steampunk, Tips and Tricks

How to Look Steampunk? Here Are the Six Ultimate Steampunk Fashion Tips

Steampunk fashion lives!

Steampunk fashion is the fusion of neo-futurism and Victorian age costume. It’s a fascinating fashion statement that has come to spotlight in the recent years. What makes it very exciting is that it comes with no limits and definitely no strict rules.

You can wear a Victorian costume, accessories, and couple it with trampoline jumping shoes – and you’re good to go! Every steam punk fan is free to mix and match steampunk costumes, accessories, and even footwear.

If you’re fascinated with the steampunk revolution and want to try this bizarre fashion trend, be sure to read this six essential steampunk fashion tips!

  1. Steampunk fashion is simply turning steampunk literature into real-world. Any clothing you find in steampunk literature is perfect!
  2. You’ll never go wrong with Victorian attire. Being the first people to utilize the steam technology as a part of their daily life, it’s not surprising to find steampunk literature being set during their era. The whole of the steampunk literature is strongly inspired by the Victorian world. So, if you’re trying to look steampunkish, go Victorian!
  3. Steampunk fashion is all about providing entertainment to its wearer, delight to its viewer, and fascination to the senses. If your steampunk get it up is living up to these characters, then you’re wearing the right costumes. Don’t be afraid about your outfit just because you think you’re not being “too steampunk.”

Don’t think that there are strict accessories and fashion collections (like goggles) that can create that punkish status look, if these accessories don’t fit your look, you can dump them. In the same way, if you think an accessory can glam up your look, wear it. There isn’t anything wrong wearing a pair of trampoline jumping shoes to complete your attire. Take a look at how these boots look like at this site.

  1. You’re free to choose colors. A lot of people equate steampunk fashion with the dark colors like black, brown, and gray. But the truth is that steampunk can be of any color. You can even wear flashy neon colors and still be punkish! Every color can be relevant to steampunk since the fashion embodies an advanced technology with complicated machine-made patterns and vibrant colors.
  2. If you’re someone who likes to mix and match different fashion styles, steampunk fashion can fit well with these genres. Think of Pulp Adventure, Medieval, Enlightenment era fashion sense? They’ll jive well steampunk. You won’t feel compelled to infuse steampunk with other genres because it fits well. Steampunk talks about uniqueness and diversity allowing it to merge with all sorts of fashion statements.
  3. Have fun and be yourself! That’s the ethos of steampunk. There are no strict rules when you want to look steampunk. Anything that relives the steampunk literature and looks Victorian is technically steampunk! You might hear some disagree but if your fashion makes you feel great and comfortable – that should be good! Your own unique style is very much welcome. Feel free to express your interpretation of steampunk!