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How To Prepare Your Body and Mind for Disaster

We would all like to think that we could handle a disaster situation, but unless you put in the time to prepare, you will end up unable to handle the disaster situation ahead of you.

Having a body and mind that is ready for a disaster is not something that comes naturally to anyone; you have to put in the effort. Here are the things I do to make sure I’m ready to handle anything from simple wilderness survival to an apocalypse!

Learn To Play Chess

If you know how to play chess you are off to a good start when it comes to mental strength. You will be able to control your mind and your emotions, and you will be able to think several steps ahead of other people. Learning to play chess is a skill that is not just good for some entertainment and fun; it gives you a way to think under pressure, and know how to strive for an objective when someone is trying to stop you. You can learn how to play through iPhone and Android apps, or on chess.com to sharpen your skills.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument gives you the mental strength to think critically and creatively. While chess will allow your strategy to grow; getting a musical instrument, for example wind instrument from Wind Plays, increases your brain multitasking capabilities, plus learning an instrument is a fun activity, too! Most brilliant thinkers can play an instrument of some kind – is there a connection? In my experience, learning instrument makes you smarter and more patient: having these traits is always good for being prepared.

Hit The Gym!

You don’t have to be a powerful bodybuilder to accomplish this step, but it will help you in an emergency to be fit and ready to go. You don’t have to get a gym membership or anything… Just start with what you have! Do push-ups, crunches, or run; anything that gets your heart rate up and ready to handle bad situations as they come. If you want to handle disasters, you have to be fit! There is no other way to make sure you can handle tough situations.

Read Survival Books

One important way to prepare your mind for tough situations is to read books related to survival. These books don’t just have to be dry textbooks about how to find berries in the wilderness; they can be adventure books as well! Even watching TV shows like desert punk can give you a bit of the essential education that you need in order to survive in the wilderness or through an apocalypse.

Prepare Yourself!

You don’t know when you’ll have to survive, do you need to start preparing now! Start reading, start learning, pick up an instrument to learn; anything to make sure you have the skills to survive any situation: both mentally and physically. Don’t put it off; start today and develop your survival skills now!