How to Take a Vision Quest Today

Have you ever heard of a vision quest? A vision quest was something that young Native American men took to figure out what their purpose in life was. The idea behind it was that it is very difficult to learn what your life purpose is if you are constantly surrounded by the distractions of everyday life. Taking a vision quest required you to go out on your own and figure yourself out. You had to rely on yourself to learn what your life purpose was, and then you are equipped to live your life in a truly meaningful way.

I believe that idea is even more relevant today. We have so many distractions now, it can be very difficult to figure out why you live in the world and what your purpose is. I believe there is not a single person on this planet who wouldn’t benefit from taking a vision quest in the modern era.

This idea of a modern vision quest appeals to me a lot as a dedicated survivalist. I love DIY-type projects and surviving in the woods and wilderness alone, with only my wits to keep me safe and bring me home. Don’t you think you could learn a lot about yourself if you take yourself away from the crutches of technology and learn how to provide for yourself, rely on your own strength, and figure out your own solutions to problems?

First, figure out what you want to do for your vision quest. If you want to do it the simple way, because you’re pressed for time or for health reasons, simply stay in a city that you don’t know. Don’t take friends with you, and only take your phone for emergencies. Use your self-control and discipline to not use it all the time. Phones are a great invention, but this is about finding yourself. Not reading about other people. Rent a room at a hotel, walk around, go sightseeing, find beautiful nature, go on a hike. All of these will help give your life perspective, and help you see what is valuable to you. You’ll have a lot of time alone, just to think.

If you’re more adventurous, take a quest in the real wilderness. If you can, take a week long backpacking trip alone, or with a dog friend. If you take your dog, make sure to bring some dog toys from http://dogsrant.com/ to keep him or her entertained. Bringing a dog can help you get more in touch with your own wild side! Go hiking for miles and miles, cook your own food, and sleep under the stars. If you see a river, swim it! If you see a rock wall, climb it. You’ll have a blast! Just don’t limit yourself.

A vision quest provides perspective on your life, something we need dearly in the modern era. Make sure you don’t pack your phone, bring your great-quality pet cam to record any canine adventures, and hold tightly to your sense of adventure!