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Most Impressive Anime Weapons

There’s no doubt about it; one of the coolest parts of anime is the amazing range of weapons that the heroes and villains wield. Even if you are not much of an anime fan yourself, you will be able to appreciate the incredible range of powerful weapons and tools that these characters wield; they range from simple axes and swords to powerful and lethal futuristic devices. Get ready to have your inner warlord unlocked!

The Dominator

These devices from the popular show “Psycho Pass” will only allow their user to wield them; no one else could pick up the Dominator and use it against the Law Enforcement officer who owns it. This powerful gun also reads the mental stability of its intended target and will adapt accordingly; it will show no mercy if the target is a killer, but will only stun people that mean less harm.

Death Scythe

This powerful weapon is the most dangerous tool in the world of the Black Butler series. It has the ability to cut through literally anything in existence. The Grim Reapers use this tool to kill people; this weapon is the only thing that can permanently kill anyone. Even the Grim Reapers themselves can be killed by this weapon, making it one of the most powerful weapons in any anime series!

The Tessaiga

This weapon wielded by InuYasha was forged from the tooth of a demon and now goes to work killing demons everywhere. This sword has a huge range of abilities; it can block almost any attack, and it can absorb the powers of other weapons used against it. It can create barriers to protect InuYasha, and it can change its form to look like whatever it needs to. InuYasha can kill over 100 demons with a single swing of the blade.

The Cross Punisher

This weapon is one of the most grossly overpowered weapons in an TV series ever. Wielded by Nicholas D. Wolfwood, an assassin with a heart of gold, this weapon has the powers of a 1 man army. It weighs over 300 lbs, and can unleash so many bullets at once that it seems like there is a squadron firing at his enemies. You can have a portion of the power of the Cross Punisher when you get an air rifle from Rifle Judge.

The Jericho 941 R

This gun is wielded by Spike Spiegal in Cowboy Bebop. This powerful pistol has a built-in scope and a powerful punch. This pistol’s power comes from the fact that it’s design is so simple; it doesn’t need anything fancy to get the job done. A space cowboy’s best friend is his trusty pistol!

Impressed Yet?

Anime, more so than any other entertainment medium, has some of the most powerful weapons of any type of TV or movie. You don’t want to mess with anyone handling any of these amazing weapons! If you want powerful guns and swords, just look to any of these amazing stories!

Image credit: Ronaldo Ichi (CC BY-SA 2.0)