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Survival Tools That YOU Need!

Hi! Chris here. One of the things many people don’t have with them at all is a good quality set of survival gear.

Now, I’m not some kind of crazy person who hides in a cabin in the woods just “waiting for the sky to fall,” but I DO believe in preparing for trouble so that when trouble finds you, you don’t have to panic because you’ve already taken the time to prepare!

So today we’re going to go through the best survival gear for your day-to-day needs!

A Portable Water Filter

If you don’t have water, you die. That’s sadly just how life works. So here’s the thing; you NEED to get water in some form when disaster strikes. But here’s the catch; after a world-altering calamity, water won’t be clean.

It will be filled with pollutants and infectants and things that will get you sick. And you DON’T need that when there’s a problem. That will do nothing but hurt you really badly. So getting a portable water filter is a MUST if you want to live through a disaster.

A Good Knife

There are very few disaster situations where a good knife would NOT come in handy; a quality knife is not only a good cutting tool for food and rope and whatever you need to cut, but it is a great defense tool when a fight with another person or a dangerous animal comes up. I recommend a US Marine Corps KA-BAR knife; it is durable, military-grade, and can survive whatever you put it through. And it’s cheap!


A Multi-Tool

A multi-tool such as a leatherman will give you the edge that you need in order to navigate an urban environment. You will be able to open doors, unscrew boxes and door hinges, and generally get anywhere you need! You can also open bottles and cans with the tool and use the built-in pliers. A multi-tool very well could save your life!

Some Form of Entertainment

In a survival situation you don’t just need to survive; you need to have a reason to live. Having some sort of entertainment can give you the will to live longer than someone who is a cold, hard survivalist.

One of the best options is a musical instrument of some kind; a durable drum such as ones from can give you a distraction from the sometimes-mundane life of a survivalist. You could also get cards or high-quality books; anything that can help distract your mind from the realities of survivalism for a little while so that you have a chance to recharge and stay sane.

Prepare To Stay Alive!

Whether you are running through the streets of a ravaged city finding supplies or learning to play a drum from Barking Drum, you need to put in the time to prepare if you want to live through a disaster. Nothing can save you but preparation; so get out there and get ready to stay alive by assembling your personal survival kit!