Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic World Scenarios

Ever since people have had a written language they have been fascinated by the idea of the world ending. In almost every single religion there is a story for how the world will end… But what are a few of the scenarios that are plausible and likely to happen? Let’s explore a few of the options in depth today!

The first one that most people think of is that of a zombie apocalypse. However, few people think about the real causes of such a world-alerting scenario. If this happened in the real world, the likely cause would be a virus; such a virus could cause people to become insane and kill others around them. If such a thing happened, the cure would be to find a counter to the virus or disease and cure the people affected by it. Is it possible? Certainly! Will it happen? Only time can tell…

The next is that of a disease. This is not a “zombie” virus but a disease that will spread throughout civilization. If such a disease became a problem in the world, it would be because that disease would be one that was very difficult to shake from the body; traditional vaccines would do nothing against it. For example, vaccines cannot fully prevent our bodies from getting a virus, and if the flu is allowed to develop enough it could reach beyond what our modern technology can handle.

Next is that of global warming. This is a very real scenario that could have massive implications for our modern society. If the ice caps are allowed to melt enough, the world could easily become flooded and people that are close to the ocean could suffer greatly from this massive attack of water. If the ice caps melted places like California and all of England could easily become underwater cities. This scenario is frighteningly real and could easily come true if our climate continues to change at a rapid rate.

Another real danger is that of a nuclear war. Mad Max might not be all fiction; a massive, global nuclear war could potentially look a lot like what we saw in the Mad Max: Fury Road. Do you want to live in a global desert where water is a resource that people need to fight over? I didn’t think so!

The last danger that most people don’t think of is the collapse of time. Eventually, quantum physics predicts that time will stop working like it used to and just slow down until it stops. Time will go more and more slowly until it just stops, frozen forever. The terrifying part about this is that we won’t know it’s happening; one day we will just be frozen into eternity and never realize it.

These are real and plausible scenarios that could happen one day… Which one of these will claim the lives of millions one day? And are you ready for them to happen to you? What will you do?