Desert Punk, Time to Think, Tips and Tricks

What Desert Punk Teaches About Real Life

The short-running show Desert Punk touched on a variety of interesting genres, and has enough amazing story and genre diversity in it to keep even a person who has never shown interest in anime a fan. Desert Punk is more than just anime; this show delves into genres such as steampunk and post-apocalyptic fiction. And even though this show has an amazing story and is terrific fun and good entertainment, there are lessons that you can learn from the show that you can apply to real life. Here are a few of the important lessons that I’ve pulled from a few years of being a fan of the show!

The Way People React To Their Surroundings

Kanta Mizuno is a very interesting protagonist, even by anime standards. Mizuno is a handyman that tries to make his way in the wasteland that Japan has become after years of nuclear war and death. His reaction to his surroundings and situations that he comes in contact with usually involves making light of the situation, often with dark jokes. On the other hand, many other characters let the darkness of their surrounds make them into psychopathic, brutal individuals that will never hesitate to kill other people. To be fair however, Mizuno is no choirboy either…

Our Heroes Are Rarely That Heroic

Especially in times of danger and constant stress, the people that we end up looking up to or wanting to be like are often terrible people themselves. For example, Kanta Mizuno is extremely perverted and sexist towards other women in the show. The only reason that he takes the young girl he finds, Kosuna, as an apprentice is because she shows him a picture of her mother and shows him how attractive she will be when she’s older. This (more than slightly) creepy part of the story shows just how unheroic our heroes can often be; the show does a good job of pointing out how our heroes rarely people we should completely look up to.

The Lengths that Jealousy Can Take You

Speaking of Kosuna, she has an interesting relationship to Kanta in the show. Although I would hesitate to call their relationship “romantic,” she does seem to have some feelings for Kanta. She’s clearly being led to becoming his mate once she becomes attractive and older. However, she becomes extremely jealous of Junko, an attractive woman that is able to influence Kanta because of her sexuality. Kosuna’s dislike of this influence leads her to try to kill Junko several times. Her jealousy is bottled up early on in the show, and becomes more and more of a factor as the show goes on. It eventually gets to the point that Kosuna attempts to kill Junko for seducing Kanta.

How Much Civilization Can Collapse

In the show, Japan has gone from a thriving civilization to a post-apocalyptic world scenario.

While this has never happened in real life, it serves as a sobering reminder of how power nuclear war has to literally shape the planet. Nuclear power has the ability to wipe out all civilization on the planet in a way that no other weapon has the ability to. Although the show was made for entertainment and fun, it is a sobering reminder to make sure that we never engage in a dangerous and world-shaping nuclear war.

The Way The World Adapts

No matter how bad things get, the world still goes on turning. No matter how scorched by nuclear winds. An entire government with banks and different factions still emerged from the sands after the horrible problems arose from the nuclear apocalypse. Just because business as we know it collapsed doesn’t mean people stopped trading, working, and keeping life going. This goes to show how resilient humanity is; even as the world starts crumbling around us, people will still be smart and learn how to adapt in the face of massive changes. This goes for positive changes and negative ones; people by and large became worse as a result of the disaster, but the principle stays the same. Life goes on, even if a nuclear bomb comes and changes almost everything about it.

Don’t Let Circumstance Change You

Many of these examples so far have been positives; however, not every lesson that you can learn from this show is a positive one. Kosuna’s character undergoes big changes as the show goes on; she starts as a much more innocent character, and eventually becomes a person that is much more willing to kill or manipulate others as she needs to. In one episode Kosuna even kills and eats a dog when she doesn’t have to. This sort of disturbing behavior is fairly typical of the show, and is an example of harsh surroundings turning Kosuna into a person that is pretty similar to Kanta himself.

Be Tough!

The last important life lesson that you can learn from Desert Punk is to stay tough, no matter what your circumstances! Even if your life seems bad, it’s nothing compared to what Kanta and Kosuna and the gang went through in the tv show. There is ALWAYS an upside, and you will be able to make it through whatever is wrong in your life. Just think; they made it in the desert, surviving the wilderness, away from modern conveniences and the things we take for granted. Don’t you think you can be a powerful hero just like them? You can have a reserve of strength just like them!

To Conclude…

Once again, Desert Punk is fiction. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take valuable lessons from the show and learn amazing things that you can apply to your real life. Take inspiration from this show, and know that even if circumstances are bad, you can draw from the same reserve of strength that these heroes display in the show. Don’t see Desert Punk as merely entertainment; draw real-life lessons from it as well!